Laser hair removal is one of the most commonly done procedures in the U.S. it’s a medical procedure that uses a concentrated beam laser to remove unwanted hair. The light safely travels through the skin an targets the melanin in the hair follicle, then the melanin absorbs the energy from the light ,heating the follicle and damaging the the cells that stimulate your hair growth. When it comes to this laser process ,multiple treatments will be needed . Depending on how thick your hair is as well as how fast your hair grows determines specifically how many sessions you will need .every client is different .on average clients will need 6-10 treatments for significant hair reduction and long lasting results . So why continue to have those unwanted ingrown hair bumps ,breakouts from waxing and plucking and dark pigmented areas on your body that you hate to look at ? The best way to get rid of that unwanted hair is to laser it off .


Skin Lightening Treatment

The skin lightening treatment is to focus on the dark pigmented areas anywhere on the body ,to lighten that area as well as even it out to your original skin tone.

Why is skin lightening sometimes needed ?

Most people will need sessions of skin lightening treatments due to skin rubbing, waxing, shaving ,as well as plucking and popping bumps on certain parts of the body which makes it very dark. other times some people might be born with uneven skin, each persons situation varies, this is why consultations are very important and much needed.

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Hi, I'm Tatiana

Hey ladies my name is Tatiana an I’m the owner of Talour Beauty , I started this business because I wanted to help women who have the same issues as me when it comes to dark pigmented areas through out the body ,hair bumps ect. The services I’m providing for my clients are 100 percent affective and they will see a complete turn around . Laser hair removal is such an amazing treatment because who wants to keeps shaving every week or getting a wax once a month where you can get a service that is safe an a safe long lasting way to permanently remove unwanted hair.